Sunday, November 8, 2020

COMING SOON: Enola, by Damián Avilés & Erika Núñez Castro

Stormgate Press is happy to announce its newest comic book: ENOLA, by the very talented, Damián Avilés, and Ms. Erika Núñez Castro.

ENOLA tells a horrific story about two treasure hunters, who arrive in a mysterious town after they learn of a the local legend, that tells of a Princess locked away in her castle, unable to to see the sun. The legend also tells of Gold - but the hunters Find only hunger and pain. 

Check back soon, for updates and maybe even some art and images.


Saturday, November 7, 2020


The Family Orbitz is a charming story of an alien family, not unlike your family, who gets into one adventure after another. Meet the bewildered dad Ort, the ever charming mom, aurOra, their two troublesome children, iOn, and sO-lar, and guess which one wants to take over the world? Yes, it's a laugh a minute as you fall in love with this out of the world family.

The Family Orbitz is Created, written and drawn by Charles Davenport.

The first issue is on sale NOW, and you can CLICK HERE to place your order directly for the creator himself.